Wednesday, December 4, 2013

iARc 110 pg 101 BEST

iARc 110 Journey through campus

iARc 101 Intuitive vs. Analytical

     I believe that to analytically design anything, you need intuitive thinking. Every project that we were told to work on, everyone has an idea in their head. Just automatically pops up. Not everyone will have the same ideas. The only problem is, its gonna be a good idea but the question is HOW you are going to make your idea on paper then to a 3D model. Without intuitive thinking, its hard to know what to get knowledge of.

     Creativity is a major part in the process of designing the most absurd projects our professors give us. The first project Tommy and Hannah gave us, they said "For your first project, go outside and pick 12 sticks. Any 12, but only 12." Now I know we all had that same look on our face saying "what in the hell are we supposed to do with 12 sticks?!" Let me just say, people on College avenue were giving Amy and I some crazy looks when we would get overly excited for a couple of stupid sticks… As the semester went by, the projects didn't get any less absurd. In fact they just got stranger. Having to draw 25 photos to represent a song, making a video, and a dance, and a wood piece all to represent this one song, I didn't understand it, I didn't comprehend WHY we had to do these projects, until now. This class taught us to be creative in all aspects. Not just drawing something out, but showing it through movies, and wood, and dancing… our professors not only made us pull all nighters, but they taught us how to accept failure and when we were to fail, which we all did, we found a new way to do the same thing better. The only way to succeed is to fail first.

Sunday, December 1, 2013